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“Ketomob” new Kitomop site to watch the video clips and songs


Quito MOB songs Rapture and the Arab Bank and has a large encyclopedia of old songs and the new lowered continuously, ketomob site displays videos Alichoiqih months and focuses on entertainment field formats suitable for viewing on portable devices.

Ketomob contains multiple sections varied between normal and moving images in addition to multimedia sections containing two parts, one music and one short video clips and long films as well, and can browsing Alcaato site to read the lyrics and see the daily horoscope and more from other sections fun.


Among the most important by outstanding that make you want to visit such sites is lightness browsing and lack of images existing home page in addition to not having a lot of promotional ads, whether the kind of the picture or pop-ups that come to see in most forums, blogs and disturb you as a visitor to open ads and other sites do not want basically watching them.

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Download songs and videos become easier when you use the site Kaitomop if you are using a mobile running Android will be able to get the application form APK for his inauguration on your phone to download all the contents of the site and save it on your computer with a single click, said the owners of the site by a simple time that work is underway on versions compatible with the rest of smart devices Kaloifun iPhone and Windows Phones and Nokia as well.

Several other sites specializing in the same purpose are available and you can see it from here:

Tubedi Mobile link to download the songs tubidy

Link download songs


You can enjoy all the features mentioned earlier and that access to the official website in Arabic